Electric bike vs scooter vs skateboard a comprehensive comparison

Electric bike vs scooter vs skateboard a comprehensive comparison

We always want to reach our destination quickly. The destination may be just a mile away or may be far off. We always look for comfortable and fast commutation.

Electric vehicles have gained immense fame in recent times. When a person thinks of getting an electric vehicle for an easy, quick, and comfortable ride, an electric bike, an electric scooter, and an electric skateboard are the three electric vehicles that usually come to his mind.

electric bike vs scooter vs skateboard a comprehensive comparison

What is an electric bike?

Whenever the term “electric bike” comes to your mind, you may imagine it to resemble a regular bike in appearance. However, an electric bike is entirely different from a regular bike. It bears a resemblance to the appearance of a bicycle.

Therefore, an electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor that helps propel. Electric bikes are also commonly known as e-bicycles.

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is an electric vehicle that has handlebars, wheels, a footboard, etc. An electric scooter usually has two or three wheels. It has an electric motor and a simple design.

There are electric scooters that can travel on smooth and rough terrains. Off-road electric scooters are ideal for rough terrain.
Using an electric scooter, the body balance of a body increases. Electric scooters are easy to maintain.

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What is an electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard is a personal mode of transport based on a skateboard. The speed of a skateboard depends on using a hand-held throttle remote that is usually wireless.

You can go left or right by inclining the skateboard in one direction.
However, electric skateboards do not qualify as a typical vehicle, and their use on streets and pavements is illegal in many countries. It looks like a typical skateboard.

This article studies electric bikes vs. scooters vs. skateboards to help readers decide which electric vehicle to buy. It is mainly for people who are confused about what to buy – an electric bike, scooter, or an electric skateboard. 

The comparison will be made on different parameters for better understanding.

1) Cost

The cost of electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric skateboards vary for different models.

The price aspect depends on two factors – the cost at which anyone buys it and the resale value. Other factors influencing this aspect are how frequently the battery needs to be changed, the maintenance cost, etc.

If you want to buy an electric vehicle and are confused about an electric bike vs. a scooter for commuting as far as cost is concerned, electric bikes are costlier than electric scooters. So, as far as price, an electric scooter comes at a low price. 

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However, an electric bike will be sold at a higher price for the resale value than an electric scooter. Again, it is easy to replace the battery of an electric scooter, but electric bikes use more durable batteries.

Also, electric bikes require more maintenance costs than electric scooters. 

You may feel that electric skateboard costs come at a low price tag. The reality is different. The price of electric scooters and electric skateboards are almost the same. The skateboard requires less maintenance than an electric scooter.

2) Comfort and convenience

For the electric bike vs. scooter vs. skateboard comparison, comfort and convenience are essential. Most people prefer using electric bikes over electric scooters and electric skateboards.

Some people may feel that commuting in electric scooters is more comfortable. Convenience varies from person to person and depends on what purpose someone is going out.

However, electric skateboards may not be comfortable for long distances. Electric bikes and scooters offer more convenience and comfort to traveling long distances. Besides, several countries do not consider electric skateboards for traveling on streets legally.

3) Speed

Electric bikes will outrun electric scooters and skateboards when it comes to speed. However, different countries implement various speed levels.

Electric bikes come in three different classes. If we compare electric scooters and skateboards according to speed, electric scooters should keep a limited speed. However, electric skateboards can achieve higher speeds than electric scooters theoretically.

4) Safety

When safety is a concern, electric bikes are the safest option. Electric bikes have comparatively large wheels and are best on bumpy and rough roads.

Electric scooters are low, and hence high vehicles moving on roads cannot see the electric scooters. They also come with small wheels, which may lead to accidents or troublesome situations while traveling on rough roads.

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Electric scooters and electric skateboards are not safe to use. However, electric scooters feature handlebars and help keep body stability. 

Therefore, they are a safer option than electric skateboards. If you are thinking about an electric scooter vs. a bike for college, an electric bike is a safer option.


This discussion on the electric bike vs. scooter vs. skateboard will make it easy for readers to decide on which one to buy as per their requirements and use.

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