How efficient is ford f150 lightning EPA range?

How efficient is ford f150 lightning EPA range?

Ford f-150 lightning is finally here with its exclusive abilities. It is an incredible truck that offers good features for customers. The truck also generates its power with restless power converter engines of heavier capacity and source so it can travel in hard rocky places. 

Ford f150 lightning EPA range is remarkable, with various qualities of materials and reasonable resolution to drive. 

This 8.500 lb. super track has a capacity of 4,000 lb. pickups. Its durability is strong, and very few trucks are there to compete with its range. 

ford f150 lightning EPA range

About ford f150 lightning EPA range:

The Ford F150 can run 300 miles. Within the formation of EPA, that ranges with Highway taste cycle, which is an imposing range. Ford f150 lightning EPA range usually has two types-  

  • Standard Range
  • Extended Range

You can find mainly two range options in Ford f150.-150. The standard range consists of the EPA range of 230 miles usually. On the other hand, the extended range can take up to 320 miles of EPA range with all trims except the platinum trim. 

Now the estimation may depend on the versions of the vehicle accordingly. Let us also look at the EPA City and EPA Highway numbers to understand this better. 

Due to its looks and complex features, the small truck makes the EPA range more compact and efficient than other cars and big trucks. 

Especially the EPA Highway range is interesting, as it’s the central observer during long-distance tours. As it turns out, the Ford F-150 Lightning models can only reach 300 miles of EPA Highway. 

Regarding the EPA City range, the costs are higher, mostly related to lower aerodynamic drag at lower speeds. 

According to the website of EPA, Ford tests their mid-size trucks in the two-cycle version. An interesting fact is that for each of the three versions, there is information that the combined range has been voluntarily lowered from 303 miles, but we assume that it can be applied only to the platinum version. 

The small truck could develop the content of its features by executing the right amount of energy-saving mode.

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ford f150 lightning EPA range : Range vs Price chart

Lightning Trim VersionPriceRange
Lightning Pro$40K230 miles (370 Km)
Lightning Platinum$90K300 miles (483 Km)
Lightning XLT ER Range$72320 miles ( 514 Km )
Lightning XLT SR Range$40K230 miles (370 Km)

Ford f150 lightning EPA range : Various Trim Levels chart

US Environmental Protection Agency has approved the Ford f-150 lightning EPA range. It also extends with various versions of the Pro ER, XLT ER, Lariat ER, and Platinum editions.

Ford Lightning comes with Pro, XLT, and Lariat models, and with a standard battery pack, they range 230 miles. Customers can upgrade the battery pack to get a massive 320 miles of extended battery range.

The Ford lightning platinum model can go up to an extended range of 300 miles on a single charge.

The ford f150 lightning EPA range is at par with its Rival Rivian R1T, which currently offers a “Large” battery pack and provides 314 miles of range. The Lightning matches with Rivian R1t in price range also.

The Extended Range Lightning’s entry-level model, the XLT, costs $74,169, while Rivian pricing starts at $79,500. On the other hand, you can get the lightning standard model at $41669, which is significantly lower than the Rivian base model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charging cost for the Ford F 150 Lightning?

In the US, the charging cost varies from state to state. The Ford f150 costs 11 cents per kWh in Washington. As a result, the 332-mile journey with the Lightning was $16.58, and the R1T was $17.16. The same trip would have cost the Lightning $66.32 in Hawaii, where the current rate per kWh is 44 cents.

Is Ford offers a good EPA?

Yes, Ford lightning offers a good EPA range suitable for large trucks and provides the best services for its customers.

Can you get Ford lightning with a customized design?

The customers must place the order along with their required design. Ford will provide that exact style and design in the vehicle.


The Ford F-150 Lightning has proved to have more extended range than Rivian R1T, and besides, on paper, it had less range than the Rivian R1t, but on the roads, it had overpowered the Rivian R1T on EPA range.

You can buy a standard Ford F-150 Lightning at a starting price of $46,974. On the other hand, Rivian R1T starts at $67,500. The good news is you can avail both the trucks qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Electric vehicle charging in Washington costs 11 cents per kWh. As a result, the 332-mile journey with the Lightning was $16.58, and the R1T was $17.16.

The Lightning has had the best range from the time it is fully charged and ready to go until the batteries are entirely depleted.

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