Optibike R22 Everest: The electric bike to climb Mount Everest on a single charge

Optibike R22 Everest: The electric bike to climb Mount Everest on a single charge

The company Optibike, based in Paonia, Colorado, about 250 miles southwest of Denver, has developed the R22 Everest, an e-bike with the ability to climb Mount Elbert, the highest point in the Rocky Mountains at the height of 14,433 feet. The E-bike can climb twice as high and with enough e-juice to reach Mount Everest at 29,032 feet.

Optibike R22 Everest review

Optibike owner Jim Turner aimed to create a cycle capable of excellent performance over the most challenging terrain, even though there may not yet be a significant demand for cycling the world’s tallest mountains.

He certainly did that with this beast that could scale mountains. The R22 Everest adventure e-bike from Optibike has several features that guarantee customer enjoyment. Please continue reading about the Optibike R22 Everest review and other exciting features.

An Overview of Optibike R22 Everest 

In the past years, urban mobility has tremendously grown. Urban mobility has been booming for several years. In this era of progression, electric bikes have recently become a popular means of transport. 

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Optibike is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the United States, based in Colorado. Since 1956, when the company introduced its first bike, it has kept its focus on quality and even better performance with every new launch. The company carries the trust of people from 28 countries around the world. 

Due to its cutting-edge technology and design, Optibike is regarded as the Ferrari of electric bikes. It has been highlighted on ESPN, The Today Show, Forbes, Business Week, USA Today, The New York Times, and CNN.

The older models of the bikes are claimed to have better performance than most European designs launched nowadays. This company has never disappointed the elite athletes looking for the best adventure bikes. 

The company has recently launched the most innovative and impressive electric bike, Optibike R22 Everest, with all the qualities a rider can ask for as it has been claimed to drive to Mount Everest on a single charge. 

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Now a question that must tickle your mind is about the electric bike’s exceptional features. So, continue to read for Optibike R22’s excellent features.

Optibike R22 Everest: top features

  • R22 Optibikes has a massive 3260 Watt-hour removable dual battery at the two sides and a simple three bolts removal to skim the system. It also has a 36 MPH top speed and a downhill double crown fork for smooth handling and stability. 
  • Optibikes offers 1700 Watts continuous power for up to a 300-mile range with a capacity to ride a 160lb rider at 15 MPH pedaling. This tremendous electric bike has a carbon fiber frame and swingarm. The electric bike has a long travel suspension for solid rock handling.
  • Another unique feature of this bike is the ability to climb Mount Everest on a single charge. It can smoothly reach a record of 500KM and more. The enormous battery can go for 24,000 feet of elevation gain, and that too on a single charge.
  • In the U. S. the battery power of a standard, easily affordable electric bike is six times less than that of Optibike R22 Everest. With all the outstanding advantages the electric bike provides, the bike comes with a price tag of $18,900, which is almost 27 times the standard price of electric bikes in the U. S.

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  • Optibike R22 Everest has self-designed motors and 190Nm of torque which will help you keep moving on rocky trails and climb difficult paths. Moreover, this fascinating bike has a half-twist throttle to take control of torque and power which in turn helps you pass over blockades without pedaling. A side tip for all the riders to gain accelerator faster to speed up would be to twist the throttle more.
  • The large disc brakes help you stop quickly; The specially designed suspension helps to keep the tires on the ground with a reasonable handling frame. For extra precaution and safety at night, the bike has an optical head and tail light in front and back to let you see in front, and people at the back can see you too.
  • The company also designed the batteries, making them lighter with a longer lifespan. Optibike R22 Everest features the Out and Back technology, which helps to swap between two batteries in a ride. So, even if you are out of one battery, don’t worry; they have covered you with your backup without you knowing, and you can use the second battery exactly when needed.

Why should you buy Optibike R22 Everest?

Maybe not everyone needs a bike that can climb Everest. Still, you can use the unique features for reaching destinations that are pretty far and on uneven terrains like highways or mountains. These electric bikes offer the world’s highest and longest-range performance with mind-blowing features. 

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Optibike reviews by the users and customers will never fail you to want to have an experience with this unique bike. With every new update, the bike comes more advanced features and qualities. 

Optibike R22 Everest review

Jim Turner, the founder of Optibike, explained the latest launch in his own words; he said, “The R22 Everest is the outcome of my 25 years of designing and creating E-Bikes. “The Optibike R22 is my dream bike produced in the Colorado Rocky Mountains”. 

“The R22 electric bike sets a new standard for Electric Bikes.” The best part of Optibike R22 Everest is the customized service they give for the best fit. Each bike component is customized, like the motor, swingarm, headlight, frame, and other parts. 

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After assembling all the details, the bike is tested in a properly organized manner in Colorado before delivering it to the customer.

Final Words

While the thought of scaling Everest was amusing, the Optibike R22 Everest was built with mountains in mind. Jim Turner created Everest to go beyond flat roads and short city slopes in a way standard e-bikes cannot.

The bike can support ambitious trips that involve long distances and mountainous roads. Everest was inspired by the Rocky Mountains that surround Optibikes Colorado headquarters.

This superbike R22 can take you on top of the mountains with a single charge. So, are you keen to accept the challenge? Maybe the R22 Everest will be far more expensive than the typical bike, but when climbing Everest is your aim, money shouldn’t be an issue if you wish to enjoy the adventure and thrill.

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